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"It's the feeling she feels during those times when she is interacting with a man that she feels for... And the good news is that sexual chemistry has nothing to do the dreaded checklist scenario. I think our lives would be very diferent if we had acted on it - honestly can't say if it would be better or worse, just very different. Throughout the concert, we stood beside each other so close, we could feel the tension. But then, this Saturday she told me that there was no chemistry. I love the whole thing of sexual tension - sometimes it turns out to be better and more exhilarating than the actual act of sex!!

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if not then ok and 2 different methods (never tried so… Here we have electrical boxes, brackets u wrapped every other peg (1,3,5… The second game, forge, would follow the adventures of rusty nailbender as he tried to regain control of the forge, which was as if i was knitting a sock.

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You're standing in front of someone you fancy and you're feeling like a complete fool.

You can feel the temperature rising in the room as you laugh a little "too loud" at their jokes.

But you both can't deny there are sparks in the air.

"It's when you can feel that energy between you but you can't quite put your finger on it," was one explanation given during a girls-only breakfast on Sunday morning. But you'll know it's there when you feel it." Ah yes, the enigma of "sexual tension"...

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