Validating an assessment tool

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To ensure validity, reliability, and feasibility, the Observational Skill based Clinical Assessment tool for Resuscitation (OSCAR) was developed in 3 phases.A review of the literature leading to initial tool development was followed by an assessment of face and content validity, and finally a thorough reliability assessment, using Cronbach's α to assess internal consistency and intraclass correlation to assess inter-rater reliability.

Allison Miller is a regular contributor to e Works’ blog.Passionate about providing learners with the knowledge and skills that they need in order to succeed in the world of work, today Allison discusses the role of validating online assessment in ensuring the ongoing quality of the Australian VET sector.Issuing a vocational education and training (VET) qualification or a statement of attainment for a unit of competency (Uo C) or skills set requires the careful assessment of a person’s skills and knowledge.Depending on the source, you may feel there is little or no reason to consciously assess the information, while other sites you will perform some type of assessment.Does the color scheme make it difficult to impossible for those with color-deficient vision impairments, or who have trouble discriminating certain color combinations to read the information at the site (examples of problematic text/backgrounds: dark gray on black, yellow on white, red on green)?

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